Project Life

A Therapeutic Summer Enrichment Program provided by the

Institute for Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Inc.



Thank you for visiting and welcome to Project Life, a therapeutic summer enrichment program provided by the Institute for Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities!  The program provides academic enrichment, recreation, community engagement activities, and therapeutic groups during the summer months. The program supports youth, ages 8 to 15, with behavioral challenges and living in Essex, Union, and Hudson Counties.  The 10-week program takes place Monday thru Friday from 10AM to 3PM beginning June 27, 2016 and ending September 2, 2016.  Program staff will engage students in several academic areas, including reading, writing, math, science (ecology), and art.  Participants will also learn about nutrition and engage in physical activities to promote a healthy lifestyle.  Additionally, the program will have weekly therapeutic groups led by a licensed clinician.


Intended Outcomes:

The program will achieve the following outcomes within the identified domains:



- Participants will demonstrate greater retention of skills and knowledge at the beginning of the 2016-2017 academic year

- Participants will be able to identify and select healthy, inexpensive meals



- Participants will be able to engage their community through volunteer activities

- Participants will be able to identify positive activities in their communities



- Participants will be able to engage their peers in meaningful and appropriate ways

- Participants will demonstrate socially appropriate interactions with peers, caregivers, and others


Group Therapy:

- Participants will demonstrate emotional growth and better personal problem solving skills

- Participants will able to independently employ self-regulation/coping skills



The fee for participation in Project Life is $250 weekly.  Costs include transportation, program materials, program apparel, meals (breakfast, lunch, beverages and snacks), and activities


Refund Policy:

Refunds are offered as stated below:

A full refund is provided if requested by June 1, 2016; 75% refund if requested by June 10, 2016; 50% refund if requested by June 17, 2016.  No refunds are offered for registered participants after June 27, 2016.


Access Project Life:

Project Life may be accessed by referral from the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency or local Care Management Organizations in Essex, Union, or Hudson Counties.  Individuals interested in self-pay options should contact the agency for more information.  All program registrations are due no later than June 1, 2016.  For an application, click here.



For more information or to request additional documentation, please contact:


Mr. Joseph Vereen Jr.

Project Life Coordinator

Institute for Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities Inc.

1980 Springfield Ave, Maplewood, NJ 07040

(888) 604-2433 x103



About IBHDD:

The Institute is a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) human services and health care services organization specializing in providing supports for individuals with behavioral health needs, cognitive delays, and developmental disabilities.  Our services are designed to help clients meet their individual goals no matter their age or ability.


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